Top 6 Reasons to Start Living in Spain as an Expat

Welcome to the club if you have ever considered changing your life absolutely and moving to Spain to start from scratch. In Concierge Tailor Made we have witnessed how in the last few years the number of people who decide to move to Spain as their first place of residence has increased.

Many times the starting point of this decision is due to a holiday reason, they come for the first time to spend their summer vacations discovering a completely different way of life.

This experience is what usually leads to the thought: could Spain become the place to spend my retirement? Or what if I buy a house in Spain to have my own place to settle and discover this country during my future vacations?

These questions are the ones that usually put us in touch with our clients since, first of all, we offer a consulting and advising service to know what our clients' needs really are.

In this way, we can establish an action plan with the first steps to follow to achieve the objectives set.

Why do people stay in Spain?

In spite of all the fears and doubts that arise when making the decision to move to a new country, all this disappears soon after you start to really enjoy life in Spain.

There are many benefits and advantages of living in this country and of course, we could not name them all. That is why we have decided to make a compilation of the main reasons for living in Spain, based on our own experience and on what most of our clients say.

1. One of the best climates in Europe

Unlike the great majority of countries where cold and rain or intense heat predominate, Spain enjoys the benefits of the Mediterranean climate, where sunshine and clear skies are the main protagonists.

2. Diversity in nature

Whether you like the mountains or prefer to live near the sea, Spain has a great variety of landscapes and climates. If you are a nature and history lover, Spain is your space to dream and discover.

3. Safety first