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Andalusia as a Top Destination to live in

For those who are thinking about making a change in their lives or simply looking for a new vacation destination, we leave you this article on why choose the South as your first option.

Why Andalusia?

Andalusia is a source of various characteristics essential for a good quality of life, among them;

- The climate

In the south of Spain they always have a sunny and warm climate, generally all year round, providing all kinds of outdoor activities that are key to a healthy life. That's why it's known as the destination with a better life quality.

The coastal areas are the best valued for their beaches of crystal clear waters that always are a good idea to refresh. You can find unique beaches all along the coast, each with its own particular charm.

- The food

We could say that a large amount of the tourists who come to Spain do so for their famous food dishes, so tasty and light. These dishes are known as the Mediterranean diet.

This Mediterranean diet is unique in that all kinds of ingredients are used to bring out a mixture of Spanish, Italian, Arab, Greek and French flavours. In addition to being natural and fresh products from the area.

- The people

The people of the south is another of the tourist attractions of the area. They are known for their friendliness and closeness, making you feel as if you were at home. They are always ready to help you with whatever you may need.

- The prices

Andalusia is a community famous for its affordable prices and quality, so it allows you to enjoy the most of your stay, whether you go on holiday or to live.

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