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Our management of luxury hunting events offer hunting enthusiasts an exceptional experience in exquisite natural surroundings. The events are characterized by attention to detail, comfort, gourmet gastronomy and trophy hunting in exclusive locations.

  • Location of the best hunting estates.

  • Personal Assistant service for the client during their stay.

  • Exclusive Transportation by road or air.

  • Integrated management of the event.

  • Travel arrangements.

  • Organization of in-house service and catering.


​Our Big Game
Hunting Estates

Featured selection:

Rustic Charm and Hunting Tradition:

  • This estate, a fully restored former 11th Century Monastery, fuses comfort and luxury with the rich history of the site, creating a hunting retreat where contemporary elegance meets hunting heritage.

Unparalleled Big Game Hunting Experience:


  • This estate offers an authentic and memorable big game hunting experience. With a rich diversity of wildlife, providing a challenging and rewarding setting for experienced hunters.


​Our Big Game
Hunting Estates

Featured selection:

Unique Natural Scenery:
  • Surrounded by vibrant nature, this Seville estate offers a unique setting for hunting enthusiasts.

Comfort and Tradition:
  • At this estate, comfort meets the region's hunting tradition, creating the perfect setting for an unforgettable hunting experience. Its well-kept facilities are designed to offer maximum comfort to the client, ensuring a relaxed and pleasant hunting experience in a cozy and well-equipped environment.


Featured selection:

Diversity and Bullfighting Origin:
  • Originally planned as a bullfighting breeding operation, this estate and its adjacent territories offer 30 different valleys on 1,500 acres, providing the most challenging hunts among century-old holm oaks, cork oaks, low veld and grasslands.

Traditional Red Partridge Hunting Experience:
  • The estate offers traditional red-legged partridge hunting in hand with loader and secretary, in addition to the double shotgun option. There are 40 different and challenging hunts, some of them with very challenging birds.


Our Small Game
Hunting Estates



Tailored recruitment and organization

At Tailor Made Concierge, we transform hunting into a luxurious and exclusive experience. By contracting our Hunting Experiences service, estate owners benefit from a selective recruitment of High Standing Hunters and a meticulous organization that results in raises of the ticket of the stay and the client's satisfaction.

Attraction of High Standing Hunters

We specialize in promoting our member farms within an exclusive network of clients who value exclusivity and excellence. The attraction of these hunters not only raises the profile of the estate, but also contributes to improve the ticket of the stay.

Exquisite Organization of the Experience

We offer meticulous organization that goes beyond the simple hunting day, allowing the property to delegate key tasks to our team of expert professionals, thus ensuring that the client has an experience that exceeds their expectations.

Long Term Relationship and Benefits

Our personalized attention fosters a lasting relationship between the hunter and the property, encouraging future visits and recommendations in exclusive circles. This relationship reflects positively on the reputation of the estate.


Begin Your Bespoke Hunting Expedition

Embark on a Tailored Journey Crafted to Perfection - Where Every Detail Meets Excellence.

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