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Real Estate in Andalusia

Concierge Tailor Made is your reliable company when you come to Spain. We make sure that everything is ready at your arrival and during your stay in Spain.

The most important thing for us is you! Quality and integrity are our main goals.

Did you like Spain and now you think it is the right time to buy a property? It's a fantastic idea!


There are already many who have decided to live in this magnificent country where the peace of mind is completely different, the good weather, nature and gastronomy among other qualities, make all visitors fall in love.


As an independent property adviser, we help you to find your dream home. Once we have established what you are looking for, we put together a tailor-made property portfolio for you.


Let us show you the best places in this wonderful country and let us lead you through the process of buying a property in Spain.


We have made a detailed selection of magnificent properties in the main provinces of Andalusia, if you wish we also have a wide range of high quality options all over Spain we can offer you.


You can find spacious apartments in luxurious marinas, modern houses with the latest technology, palacies, large estates and dream villas.

We will guide you through the entire process to create your new home.

How do we work

When our clients decide to move to Spain, they not only need us to guide them finding a new property, they also need us to advise them with all the necessary procedures, permits and documentation.

Tailor Made has a Personal Assistant service, which will manage everything before your arrival, so you only have to worry about moving in.  

Concierge Tailor Made & Real Estate

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We work with a carefully selected network of local real estate agencies.

Thanks to our knowledge of the area and to the fact of having worked for years with a wide range of professionals, we have the best contacts to find the perfect property, the one that suits all your needs.


After all, the most important thing for us is our client and that is why we always work hard to ensure that you receive the best quality treatment and professional advice.

Our partners are reputable International Real Estate Agents with whom we have worked satisfactorily for many years.

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