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What wedding date to choose?

For the newly engaged who are thinking about all the details that a wedding entails one of the most important key points is the date on which to hold the big event.

Some couples decide on a date that is special for both of them no matter the time of year. But what bride hasn't suffered thinking about whether it would rain or not on the big day? We have to admit that it is difficult to guess that we can not deny it, but here we leave the best times for you to get married in Spain and so you can enjoy the wedding to the fullest.

The most valued times of the year to get married.

The most popular months in Spain for getting married usually run from May to October.

In particular, the most popular ones are July and September, although they are the most expensive. And why this? It's mainly because of the weather, since these are months when the weather is ideal in Spain for outdoor events, such as a rustic-style wedding in a country house surrounded by nature or one held on the beach where everyone wears light, barefoot clothes while enjoying the best views of the sea.

This leads us not to forget how important it is to define the theme of the wedding and this has a great influence on other decisions that are taken.

For those bride and groom who want something unique, we have seen that winter weddings are becoming more and more popular as well as being perfect for romantic themes surrounded by snow are also less requested dates and therefore less expensive.

There are for all tastes!

*If you need help to organize your wedding don't hesitate to get in touch with us.


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