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The founders of Tailor Made Concierge & Lifestyle

As you know Tailor Made is a leader in luxury concierge services, lifestyle and personal management.

It is responsible for helping its clients find the balance between family, work and other priorities in life. That's why we are dedicated to making their lives as easy as possible.

But, what are the roots of this business?

Today we dedicate this space to introduce you to Teresa and Adriana, they are the reason for being here.

Teresa is of Italian nationality, Spanish heart, Anglo-Saxon mentality, great enthusiast of the organization of private events, with extensive experience in customer service, especially foreign clients, and is an effective and meticulous personal assistant. All this professional background accumulated in more than 15 years of experience in the sector.

All this, which I tell you, makes her the ideal person for our clients to delegate to her the care of their homes and the welfare of their family life.

Adriana is the other founding pillar, in her case is a young entrepreneur formed in British Schools, who, thanks to her knowledge as a sociologist and her preparation in the field of Digital Marketing, has extensive skills in the search for the best services and professionals that our customers may need.

She is constantly travelling around the world looking for new trends in the market.

Along with them the rest of the team has acquired the necessary knowledge to successfully carry out Tailor Made Concierge, for all this we offer professionalism, cordiality and discretion.

We are wishing to be your reliable people.

We hope you enjoyed knowing a little more about us. Now it's your turn, leave your comments so we can know a little more about you.


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